Open Mind Clinic

Openmind is a software program created to manage your private practice properly and efficiently. The application is easy to use and it aims to improve both the every day life of the doctor and the work load of his employees.

The program has been configured according to each medical specialty and it provides all the necessary features so as to manage a patient and cover every aspect of his healthcare.

Basic Characteristics

  1. Openmind is a medical software created to cover the needs of medical professionals.
  2. Our priority is to produce a simple and functional application, which will help a doctor manage his appointments and his surgeries from any work space and by using any electronic device (laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile).
  3. The application was designed to function online in order to make access easier for users.
  4. The program allows doctors to digitize medical histories according to their medical specialty and therefore develop the patient’s medical file appropriately.
  5. The application is easy to configure and that allows doctors to enrich a patient’s medical file by including every specific requirement possible.
  6. The product is easy to use, that is why every doctor and/or his secretary can use it at once, without spending countless hours in training.

Basic Features

  1. AGENDA: this feature allows doctors to plan his appointments on a monthly, weekly or daily basis as well as refer to them, at any given time, by searching an appointment’s status (active, completed, cancelled). Furthermore, doctors can maintain separately, a registry for colleagues such us suppliers etc.
  2. MEDICAL FILES – SPECIALTY: medical files are developed based on the doctor’s medical specialty. This allows for a complete record of all medical data concerning a certain patient.
  3. DOCTOR’S OFFICE: this feature allows doctors to isolate appointments made on a specific day as well as the calls that they receive at their practice in real time. That way, doctors are always up to date with matters concerning their patients.
  4. STATISTICS: this feature makes it possible for doctors to collect statistical data about the sum total of their patients based on sex, age, medical examination etc.
  5. COMMUNICATION: this feature allows doctors to communicate with his patients via email and inform them about lab results, future appointments, medical treatment issues etc.